Nov 3rd & 10th, 2013 – “Hope in Hard Times: Washington During the Great Depression.”

Hello everyone, we’re publishing this announcement to ask you to consider offering to share your skills, talent, ideas, and/or learnings on one of these 2 dates. And you may know others that have something they’d like to share. We don’t anticipate that this will be any kind of stressful thing — just fun sharing, learning and enjoying meeting with community. This can be a very simple thing — do let us know what you’d like to share. Questions? We’re happy to answer questions and give encouragement!

Dear Sustainable Burien friends,

Save these dates: November 3 and November 10.

We’ve been invited to be a part of an upcoming exhibit called “Hope in Hard Times: Washington During the Great Depression.” Here’s a link:

The exhibit is being sponsored by Highline Historical Society and will run from October 15th to January 4th. The address is: 216 SW 153rd in Burien. They’ve got some great events scheduled and we’re on the docket for 2 Sundays: November 3rd and November 10th. Below is what we’ve thought of – let us know your ideas:

“Sharing Our Hopes, Ideas and Skills for a Resilient Community”
We invite folks to share a particular skill/hobby, i.e., beekeeping, raising chickens, organic gardening, permaculture, knitting, food and seed saving, disaster preparedness, networking, recycling, making music, repairing cars and other items, among many possibilities. Get a taste of the various skills that your neighbors have developed.

Do you have a skill/hobby that you’d like to share in 10-15 minutes? Let’s get together, get to know each other, share our skills, hopes and ideas that will make for a more resilient and vibrant community.