Building The Bee-Patch

We’ve been helping set up the Burien Community Garden and with the exception of a few small items, it’s finished and the gardeners have taken over. This section will be updated anytime there’s new information. Last updated July 31, 2010.

  • We prepared the one raised and 3 ground level beds.
  • Spread and compacted a lot of gravel.
  • Built a grape arbor in the NW corner and planted grapes and other plants around it.
  • Built compost bins near the house.
  • Built a privacy screen along the west fence.
  • Prepared and planted the landscaping areas around the fence line.
  • Laid down a lot of cardboard and spread wood chips.
  • Landscaped the NE corner of the lot, leaving room for a sign.

Overall we moved about 40 yards of compost, gravel, top soil and wood chips and hauled in almost 300 cinder blocks to build the raised beds. A lot of material moved from one part of the site to another, sometimes more than once. For instance we scraped off a lot of sod and piled it up in two areas. Some of it was replaced with compost and tilled in, other areas had gravel laid down. After we built the raised bed most of the old sod was moved again to fill the lower part of the beds, topped off with compost and soil.

Support for this project, in the form of donations, time and materials comes from members of Sustainable Burien, the Burien Parks Department, Burien Bark, Cedar Grove Composting, CalPortland, Roger’s Spray and Tree Service, and Big Fish Concrete. Burien Bark has donated the delivery of 15 yards of Cedar Grove Compost, and delivery of a load of gravel from CalPortland. Cedar Grove donated 5 yards of compost and sold us the rest at a big discount. CalPortland gave us a discounted price for gravel. The Parks Department has done a lot of the planning and will be doing the administration for the garden. Members of Sustainable Burien helped with the planning, and have been providing tools and equipment, and doing the physical work of preparing the garden. Roger’s Spray and Tree Service delivered a load of good quality maple and alder wood chips and later a large load of mixed cedar and pine wood chips. Ben from Big Fish Concrete helped level and compact the gravel pathways, and donated the use of his mechanical compactor.


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