Green Tip: Going Green for the Holidays

For many of us, this festive time of year brings an uptick in decorating, traveling, shopping, and feasting—and an increase in our environmental footprint.

Lots of people are making the shift to green holidays.  There are many ways to celebrate while limiting our impact on the planet.  Here are just a few ideas.

  • Be creative with your gift wrapping.  Consider re-useable gift bags.  Or, wrap in papers you would otherwise recycle, like newspaper.  Used fabrics are a classy way to dress your presents, too.
  • A live tree can bring a healthy bit of magic into the home.  Plant it after the holidays.  It offers a lovely way to literally keep your memories alive, while serving as a gift to the earth.
  • Green giving can be a colorful affair.  Give consumables or experiences, instead of more “stuff.”  Food, services, tickets to the show—these treasures help build memories without creating so much waste.  Making a donation to a charitable organization in someone’s name can be particularly meaningful.  Handmade gift s, too, are often closest to the heart.
  • When is the last time you created a paper snowflake?  Or made a garland of popcorn?  For many families, crafting homemade decorations has become a cherished tradition.  And, trimming the home this way can help trim the budget and trim the waste.

Give the earth a present this season.  Green up your holidays.

For tips for a Green Thanksgiving [that can also apply to Christmas] see this article.