Green Tips: Growing Your Food

The best way to get healthy food is to grow your own. That can range from a small herb garden on your patio, to a full blown garden in the backyard, all the way up to a small chicken coop for fresh eggs. Not only can you save money and have some fun, the quality of what you raise will be better than almost anything you can buy. If you don’t have room for a garden, come to our meetings and work with the group that is trying to get some community gardens started. Also see the Food section of our Links page for more information. And you really can raise chickens in Burien so that you can have fresh eggs. City code allows up to three chickens but no roosters. Neighboring jurisdictions have different rules, be sure to check.

The Parks Dept is sponsoring another class on raising backyard chickens on Wednesday evening, April 22, 2009. The first class was so popular that they’re doing it again.