Seattle Tilth Offering Gardening Classes in West Seattle

Our friends at Seattle Tilth are offering a number of great  classes in the West Seattle area this summer and we thought we’d point them out.  All of the classes listed below are taking place at the White Center Cultural Community Center, located near downtown White Center.

Grow Heat Lovers

Get the scoop on growing the biggest and most flavorful tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.

Go Vertical

Learn how to grow your veggie garden vertically to maximize your space and harvest.

Start Your Fall and Winter Garden

Learn how to plant veggies now for harvest in the lean months of fall and winter.

Pests & Diseases – How to Manage Problems Organically

Learn how to tackle pest and disease problems in the garden organically.

Put Your Garden to Bed

Learn how to replenish your garden soil all winter long.

Composting 101:  Free Food for the Garden

Learn how easy it can be to create nutrient-rich compost for your garden.

See a full list of Seattle Tilth’s upcoming classes and programs throughout Seattle on organic food growing, urban livestock and sustainable landscaping.