Sustainable Burien Meeting

Sustainable Burien is an organization started in January of 2008. We recognize the need to promote and participate in the creation of a sustainable community in Burien. We invite all residents and businesses to participate in creating a sustainable local community by sharing their ideas, passions, knowledge and talents.


Elly Trinh has lived in Burien since 2014. She moved from Saigon, Vietnam to Seattle in 2009. Elly had her Bachelors in Marketing and Information Systems at Seattle University (2013), and spent 5 years working as a restaurateur and a chef. Recently, she pivoted toward a career in Green Building, Clean Energy, and Circular Economy. Sustainability is important to Elly because she believe waste – in any form – is just stupid! Sustainability promotes equal and adequate resources for every species on Earth to enjoy life and thrive. She hopes that with Sustainable Burien her neighbors will continue talking about sustainability and take whatever actions they feel strongly about toward it.

Tennyson “Underfoot” Trinh has also lived in Burien since 2014. He had lived in Downtown Seattle prior to coming to Burien. He unfortunately did not attend any puppy school but fortunately turned out quite alright. He is a leader in zero waste lifestyle, and there is no better way to spend life away than getting muddy in Seahurst. He hopes to spread joy and update his pee-mail daily on a state of the art zero waste lifestyle at no charge.

Eric Shields has lived in Burien since 2017 and in the greater Seattle area since 2015. He works as a Front End Engineer building websites for a living, and has since 2007. He has always felt that there was no reason for waste except laziness and greed. Now, he works to not-so-gently push corporate America to improve their business practices. He hopes that Sustainable Burien can bring people together to learn, and in turn push companies to stop being so wasteful!

Jeremy R Perry Bio is coming.

We all know that green is good. Now we need to make sure that green is good FOR ALL.