Green Tips: Styrofoam Recycling

After Christmas in 2009 West Bild, the developer of Burien Town Plaza, loaned us an empty store front in the Bartells and Ace Hardware parking lot. For 2 afternoons we collected Styrofoam to take to Styrorecycle in Renton. (Someone who dropped off a bag of peanuts is missing a pair of shoes, please contact us … Read more

Green Tip: Got Garden?

Are you looking for a place to have a small garden? Have you got space in your yard that you’re not using that others could use for a garden? The two of you should talk. To see if one of your neighbors is offering garden space (or to offer some yourself) visit There are … Read more

Green Tips: Growing Your Food

The best way to get healthy food is to grow your own. That can range from a small herb garden on your patio, to a full blown garden in the backyard, all the way up to a small chicken coop for fresh eggs. Not only can you save money and have some fun, the quality … Read more

Green Tip: Electronics Recycling

In the State of Washington, beginning January 1, 2009 recycling many electronics can be done for free. The program applies to televisions, computers, computer monitors and portable/laptop computers. Peripherals like keyboards, mice and printers are not covered under this program, but many places already take at least some of them for free. The Department of … Read more

Green Tip: Going Green for the Holidays

For many of us, this festive time of year brings an uptick in decorating, traveling, shopping, and feasting—and an increase in our environmental footprint. Lots of people are making the shift to green holidays.  There are many ways to celebrate while limiting our impact on the planet.  Here are just a few ideas. Be creative … Read more

Green Tip: Food Scrap Recycling

Begin food scrap recycling now! Here’s a tip from Dr. Lynn Mikel in our Community Pod. Those of you who recycle through King County Waste Management are now allowed to recycle food scraps in yard waste containers. Keep a small covered container in a convenient location near or in your kitchen (i.e. under the sink … Read more

Green Tip: Drugs in the Environment

Prescription (and non-prescription) drugs are a huge problem for the environment. Both the ones you take and the ones you don’t. The ones people take are the larger part of the problem, accounting for the majority what leeches into the environment. That includes the ones that people take indirectly, like antibiotics and hormones that are … Read more

Green Tip: You can have your plastic grocery bags (and Styrofoam™ containers) and eat them too.

OK, they’re not really plastic, and you probably shouldn’t eat them, but it’s pretty close. There are biodegradable grocery bags (usually made from corn products) available that could be provided at store checkouts for those who didn’t bring their own bag. Plastic bags don’t biodegrade, they just break down into smaller and smaller pieces of … Read more

Green Tip: Vampire Power

Did you know that when you shut off your TV, stereo or many other appliances, they aren’t really off? Instead they simply draw much less power. Sometimes this is needed in order to retain settings or keep a timer running. Other times it’s just so that when you turn it back on, it turns on … Read more