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Members of Sustainable Burien work in smaller groups called Pods. Pods will generally have a minimum of 3 members who will choose their own goals and methods. Any Pod that has something to share on the internet will be able to use some space on the Sustainable Burien web site to share information, ask for help or ideas, or anything else appropriate.

As of August 2008 our current Pods are Community, Energy, Environment, Food and Transportation. We expect that this list will grow as more people get involved and want to focus on different areas. Sustainable Burien is a grass roots organization, so the ideas for new Pods will come from the group. If you've got an idea for a Pod, bring it to one of our meetings and see if you can interest some other people in joining you.

At our first meeting we created five working Pods [Interest Groups] and developed a list of things that each group wanted to focus on to get started. Active Pods can have space on the Interest Groups page where they can share information about what they're doing and what they've learned. If any of the POD names are a link, clicking on it will take you to their page. The current Pods (listed in alphabetical order) and their focus are:

  • Community: Recruit new members for future meetings. Pod members will advertise to our neighbors and throughout the community. They will also work on finding projects and information that can benefit the whole community.

  • Energy: Explore incentives for using solar energy looking at a) pay back, b) life cycle costs, c) break even, d) precursors to obtaining solar energy, e) bulk purchases, rebates, tax incentives and more.

  • Environment: Reduce/Reuse/Recycle. The POD will be looking at finding safe cleaning products; how to determine how good they really are; working with others to help reduce the impact of invasive plant species; finding things that can be done easily [and sometimes not so easily] around the house and work to reduce our negative impact and more. .

  • Food: Encourage interest, spread the word on community gardening, gleaning, canning and preserving. The Food POD also has their own blog where you can see what they're up to.

  • Transportation: Find out about walking maps of Burien in English (there's an excellent one in Spanish already). Contact Feet First. Contact Sustainable Ballard and bike stores regarding the Undrivers' License program. Research pedestrian and bicycle plans.

If you have information for a pod page please <contact our webmaster>. Replies will come from a different address at the same domain, so if that will be a problem due to a spam filter, please mention that in your email.

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