If you’re not getting email reminders about our meetings, and would like to get them in the future, please send an email to <SignUp>. If you gave us an email address on a signup sheet and aren’t getting anything from us, we probably read your address wrong. See FAQ #14 for some reasons that you might not be on the list. If you want to sign-up please send an email to the address above so that we can verify your address. You’ll get an email back so that we can confirm that the request comes from you. It’s not an automatic process yet, so it might take a little while, please be patient. We don’t send out many emails to the list, so you won’t miss anything. If you don’t get a confirmation request, please check your spam filters. If you don’t reply to the confirmation request, you won’t be signed up on our list!

If you provide us with an email address for that newsletter it will not be sold or shared with anyone else. If we eventually use an outside service for the newsletter, they will not be permitted to use the address for anything else. Sign up will require a confirmed opt-in, you will never be automatically signed up just by contacting us. If you’ve given us an email address to subscribe before the newsletter gets started we’ll email you to confirm that you’re still interested before we start sending newsletters. You are also welcome to sign up using an email service like or anything similar that lets you track who is sharing a particular address. We do not share our email list with anyone outside of SuBu.

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