Green Tip: Got Garden?

Are you looking for a place to have a small garden? Have you got space in your yard that you’re not using that others could use for a garden? The two of you should talk. To see if one of your neighbors is offering garden space (or to offer some yourself) visit There are currently three garden locations listed for Burien. One location is in the south part of Burien, and the listing was put in the SODO section because there was no Burien section at the time. But they’ve added listings for North of Seattle and South of Seattle to see how much interest there is, so be sure to check the South listings too. There several listings in that section now, not all of them in Burien. Check it out by scrolling down the page at UrbanGardenShare: Listings

There are all sorts of varieties of Community Gardens out there these days too, ranging from large farms working under the Community Supported Agriculture principle where subscribers agree to buy the crop in small portions using a variety of subscription methods, to small projects involving a couple of neighbors. To get involved with CSA farms you can visit and get a list of farms in this area. To find about a possible large community garden in the Burien area, stay tuned to this page.